Laboratory of optical spectroscopy

Photonics For Quantum Technologies

The laboratory addresses light-matter interaction in semiconductor quantum nanostructures and topological materials:


  • Study of spin-dependent phenomena in technologically relevant materials such as SiGeSn semiconductors.

  • Development of opto-spintronic architectures and spin/photon interfaces for nanophotonic links of the future Quantum Internet.

  • Investigation of advanced light matter-interaction in novel quantum phases of matter.

It is affiliated with:

  • Dipartimento di Scienza dei Materiali, Via Cozzi 55, 2015 Milano (Italy)

  • Laboratory for nanostructure epitaxy and spintronics on silicon- L-NESS, Via Anzani 42, 22100 Como (Italy)


  • Fully equipped optical spectroscopy set-up for spin-resolved measurements in the NIR

  • UV-Triple Raman spectrometer, absorption and photocurrent apparatuses.

Laboratory KETs

  • Optical spin orientation to address the spin dynamics in semiconductor heterostructures

  • Time- and polarization-resolved investigations in the NIR

  • Vibrational characterization of quantum structures

  • Magneto-optics of low dimensional semiconductors

  • Electronic and photonic modelling of semiconductor architectures for specific applications

Representative OA publication of our unique optical approach to quantum technologies

Contacts: Fabio Pezzoli

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