with four dilution refrigerators for millikelvin research

Quantum tecnology
Quantum tecnology

Design , growth and characterization of semiconductor nanostructures and quantum materials 

Experimental investigation of semiconductors, oxides, and their interfaces, silicon and germanium nanostructures, MoS2, and magnetic thin films for advanced and innovative quantum nanoelectronic, spintronic, and neuroelectronic devices. 

Contacts: Marco Fanciulli

Light-enabled investigations of spin-dependent phenomena and novel quantum phases of matter. 

Contacts: Fabio Pezzoli

In collaboration with  the Theory Group @ Dipartimento di Fisica 

QDOMC (Quantum algorithm for the Detection of the Optimal Maximal Clique)
The project aims to develop a general-purpose quantum-classical hybrid algorithm that can be applied on graph structured data. Given a simple undirected input graph and a function of its nodes’ attributes, the objective of the algorithm is to detect the maximal clique (or a maximal clique, in case of degeneracy) that optimizes such a function.  Such algorithm could be applied in several industry domains, ranging from insurance, chemistry, and bioinformatics, to finance, marketing, and so on.

ICSC spoke 10 Innovation Grant project in collaboration with  UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A and Politecnico di Milano

Serial Code Porting on HPC & Quantum Computing
The goal of the project is to rewrite Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, available in their Open Source versions, in a
suitable language for HPC computation as well as in modules compatible with architectures based on quantum computation.

ICSC spoke 3 Innovation Grant project In collaboration with SOGEI spa. Università di Roma Tor Vergata  and Politecnico di Milano

Contacts: Claudio Ferretti, Alberto Leporati